Top 11 Sanitaryware Manufacturers Companies in Morbi and China

The city of Morbi in India is considered to be the Sanitaryware centre in the region. Nowadays, there are more than 100 sanitaryware manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters with worldwide recognition. Not only do they manufacture and design bathroom accessories but also bathroom tiles and sanitary ware. However, this growing market has expanded rapidly to the rest of the world where there are hundreds of sanitary ware companies in 5 continents. 

In many countries, the sanitary ware market is a very profitable one which has grown enormously in the last decades. There are final consumers as well as businesspeople with a delicate taste when it comes to designing the bathroom of their house or business. For that reason, it’s of paramount importance to make a little survey in the bathroom accessories market so as to get an idea of the products each company supplies. 

Sanitaryware Manufacturers

Each sanitary ware company in the world produces sanitary ware units with a particular target in mind. In this way, they manufacture tailored made bathroom accessories to satisfy each customer’s needs and interests.

Around the globe, there are hundreds of sanitary ware companies and factories. However, there are a top 11 sanitaryware brands that stand out from the rest due to their history, outstanding bathroom units, sanitary ware durability, and warranty, designs, and prices. 

1- Aquavit Bath Concepts

Aquavit Bath Concepts not only produces sanitary ware products and bathroom furniture but also it’s responsible for creating luxurious bathing experiences.  The brand is located in India but it’s inspired by Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese aesthetic and designs. 

The brand´s main objective is to satisfy its clients’ needs through unique, comfortable, tailored-made, and innovative sanitary ware units. Among the finest and modern products can be found wall-mounted WC, floor-mounted WC, pedestal basins, above counters, cabinet basins, urinals, electronic WC, bathtubs, steam rooms, shower enclosers, shower panels, and steam/sauna heaters. 

Aquavit Bath Concepts

Aquavit keeps striving for working on new products and innovating so as to meet customers’ needs. Its mission is to beautify your bathrooms with contemporary and advanced technology. 

2- Burlington Bathrooms

Burlington Bathrooms

Burlington Bathrooms is a sanitaryware brand located in the UK. The company not only sells traditional sanitary ware and bathroom accessories but also spare parts of their products. 

The brand’s mission is to supply its customers with versatile and high-quality sanitary units to personalize their traditional bathrooms. The wide array of products range from basins, baths, taps, toilets, furniture, showering to different bathroom accessories. All bathroom units come in different sizes, shapes, colors, prices, and other features related to each particular product. 

Burlington Bathrooms offers unique products produced with high technology such as anti-limescale, airburst installed in their fixed showerheads so as to save water, internal filters, larger bore shower hoses, one-way water, among other features. 

3- Gasdum

Gasdum is an international leader in the manufacturing and supplying of bathroom furniture and accessories with more than 30 years of experience in the market. The company is located in China and has its catalog available in different languages on its website. No matter where you live, you can purchase the product you want to at reasonable prices.

The company is well-known for its high-quality products and quality control team. For this reason, many importers decide to hire their QC team to check their own product quality. 


Gasdum started as a basins and toilets producer but it was capable of growing fastly in a short period of time. At the moment, the company produces and sells all kinds of sanitary ware products, bathroom furniture, and led mirrors. The company has technicians, managers, and designers who work on innovating and exploring new products and designs so as to keep developing and growing. 

Among the most sophisticated sanitary units, Gasdum produces PC toilets, wall hung toilets, urinals, WC, pedestal basins, glossy white basins, bathroom sinks, color art basins as well as cabinet mirrors and led mirrors. 

4- Carron


Carron’s origin can be traced back to 1759. Until 1850, the company was devoted to supplying the Royal Navy with short-barrelled naval cannons during the Industrial Revolution. From then on, the company has been engaged in the production of bath designs.

Their mission is to produce sanitary ware with precision and skill without leaving aside the most important aspect, craftsmanship. The company is devoted to produce, mould and pack each sanitaryware product making sure, in this way, that the whole process is finished by hand. 

sanitaryware product

As regards Carron’s bathroom units, they all come in different shapes, styles, and colors so as to meet their clients’ needs and preferences. The brand’s main characteristic is the use of saturated colors in its products so as to bring about a solution to the ever-changing bathroom design. 

5- Galassia Spa

Galassia Spa is a sanitaryware brand located in Corchiano, Italy. This area is well known- since the 6th century- for being the homeland of ceramic production. Following this tradition, Galassia Spa produces the finest bathroom units in the region. 

The company has steadily grown in dimension, occupation, and technological designs. Since its foundation in 1980, the company has had the opportunity to work cooperatively with outstanding Italian manufacturers and designers as well as from abroad. This collaboration helped the brand’s image to gain strength in the sanitary ware market

Galassia Spa

Nowadays, Galassia has 2 production plants with a capacity of 450,000 units per year. The brand produces a wide range of bathroom units using the latest generation technology such as different basin styles, toilets, urinals, baths, faucets, and bathroom accessories.  

6- Johnson Suisse Sdn Bhd

Johnson Suisse Sdn Bhd

Johnson Suisse Sdn Bhd is an internationally recognized brand located in Malaysia. It was founded in 1964 and nowadays it’s considered to be a leading sanitaryware brand in the region. Its mission is to produce bathroom units to satisfy every customers’ needs and preferences for their homes, industries, and businesses. 

In 2006, the Spanish company Roca Corporation Empresarial S.A acquired Johnson Suisse without losing its essence. For almost 50 years, the brand strives to provide complete bathroom solutions through high-standard products.

complete bathroom solutions

The company’s products are distributed through a network of local distributors and exported to China, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Pakistan, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, among other Asian countries. 

Johnson Suisse manufactures durable and scratch-resistant vitreous china, water closets, basins, bidets, bidet seats, urinals, flush valves, bathtubs, faucets, showers, complementary products, and bathroom accessories. 

7- Laufen 


Laufen is considered to be the first and sole sanitary ware brand in Switzerland. The company was founded in 1892 and during these 125 years of history it has evolved so as to make innovative sanitary ware products in sophisticated plants. Laufen is under the ROCA umbrella and also has production plants in Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland. 

Laufen bathrooms

The brand also has sales subsidiaries around the world such as Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, China, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, among other countries from 5 continents. 

The main bathroom units that can be found in the catalog are bidets, intelligent toilets, washbasin, and faucets. Laufen designs and produces only high-standard products which are comfortable and functional. 

8- Porcelanosa Group

Porcelanosa Group

Porcelanosa Group is a Spanish brand that manufactures, distributes, and retails ceramic tiles. Nowadays, the brand has a consolidated name in the international sanitary ware market. Not only is it recognized for its innovative and high-quality collections but also for its concern with the environment and the fact that almost 5,000 skilled professionals strive to produce the best bathroom units. 

Porcelanosa Group

The firm started manufacturing ceramic tiles in 1986 but at the moment it has diversified its production by manufacturing a wide range of bathroom products such as bathtubs, shower trays, hydromassage cabins and columns, showers, rain showers, bathroom taps, and bathroom accessories which beautify the bathroom providing an original style. 

9- Orient Ceramic

Orient Ceramic

Orient Ceramic is the manufacturing and exporting leader of diverse sanitary ware products such as sanitary ware suites, water closet with cistern, washbasins, washbasin with pedestal, rustic washbasins, vitrossa washbasins, ceramic washbasins, squatting pan, urinals, shower tray, bathroom accessories, flush tank, toilet fitting, and seat covers, toilet seats, water closets, floor tiles, wall tiles, and half pedestal washbasin.

Orient Ceramic sanitary ware products

The brand started out in 1998 in India with a clear mission in mind: producing elegant home bathroom accessories with an acute accent on their quality. Over the following years, it was able to position itself in the market as the largest manufacturer and exporter of sanitary ware products. The brand’s collection is characterized by reasonably priced products and luxurious units. 

10- Milano Bathrooms

Milano Bathrooms

Milano Bathrooms is a heating and bathroom supply specialist with more than 30 years of experience in the market. Situated in the UK, the brand’s main mission is to provide its customers the latest technology sanitary ware products with the highest quality. 

Milano Bathroom supply

Over the years, Milano has gained clients’ trust by supplying outstanding bathroom and heating products. Thanks to its distinctive stylish products, Milano was able to be at the forefront of the British sanitary ware market by designing tailored-made products to meet each client’s needs and preferences. 

The brand produces bathroom pottery, shower enclosures, and trays, bath panels, acrylic, and steel baths among other modern and traditional heating and bathroom products.

11- Kerasan 


Kerasan is a leading brand situated in the city of Civita Castellan, Italy. The company started out in 1960 and since then it has devoted itself to produce the finest ceramic bathroom fixtures. Over time, the brand has expanded its collection to include furnishings, accessories such as bidets, washbasins, single toilet pieces, and faucets. 

high quality sanitary ware products

The company’s main mission is to respond to the demands of the market by producing high-quality sanitary ware products. The main objective is to produce the best products in the market by working hard and with passion. For that reason, Kerasan is in charge of every stage of the manufacturing process making sure the final product satisfies each customer’s needs.



Before buying any sanitary ware product, it’s important to make research on the market so as to find the most appropriate sanitary unit for your showroom or home. Nowadays, thanks to globalization and technological advances it’s possible to acquire any product from any company with just a click. International companies are aware of e-commerce so you buy online directly from their web pages.

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