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My name Alex Scot and I am a major dealer in bathroom cabinets and general sanitary furniture like washbasins, faucets, toilets, and bathtubs. Over the years, I have built a large network of clients and homeowners who patronize my business. My business is highly rated by people in my community because I sell the highest quality bathroom hardware. I never compromise on quality, which is why many have come to trust my business. However, a few years ago, I began to face challenges with quality. 

There are very few bathroom furniture and hardware manufacturers in Europe, especially in Dublin, Ireland, where I am domiciled. So, over the years, I have had to rely on importing my stocks from other countries in containers. This was not a problem until a few years ago when the supply chain for bathroom cabinets began to shrink for several reasons I do not want to talk about here. Many dealers like myself struggled to find reliable manufacturers or suppliers for washbasins, led mirrors, and general bathroom hardware

Quality Bathrooms

So, dealers like myself had to go several months without stocks in our warehouses, or we had to pay a high price to get quality stocks. At some point, in desperate need of new stocks, I imported substandard furniture from a dishonest supplier that cost me a huge loss. The loss was so huge, I almost lost my business, and it took me some time to get back to speed. To make matters worse, I lost some of my trusted customers who bought some of the poor-quality items from me. It was a harrowing experience and is something I don’t wish on any hard-working businessman or woman trying to make a life for themselves.


My Chance meeting with an international student from China

As time went on, I began to lose hope until I met a college student from China schooling in one of our local colleges here in Dublin. It was a chance meeting, to be honest, but he told me that manufacturers of bathroom cabinets are many in China and that they shipped to Europe and North America. It wasn’t the first time I had heard this story, but I never thought of buying anything from South East Asia because I felt that the products coming from that part of the world would be substandard. I had also heard of people who lost their money while trying to import goods from China.

I didn’t give it a second thought until Xi walked into my warehouse in Central Dublin some few weeks later with a female college mate of his. They had come to buy a bathroom cabinet, but I did not have any to sell to them.

Xi was surprised that I had not made arrangements to import new stocks from China after our last discussion. My response was that I had not done it before, and I did not know how to go about it. Furthermore, I expressed my doubts about being able to communicate or read Chinese. He promised to come back to assist me, and he did. 


My First Encounter with Gasdum

The next day, Xi returned alone, and together we surfed the web. He opened Gasdum’s homepage. When I asked him how he got to know about them, he said that Gasdum was a highly-rated manufacturer and supplier of general bathroom furniture in China. He also said a cousin told him in China that they shipped these items abroad. To my surprise, the website had an English version, and the products on their product page were written in English. Another thing that amazed me about Gasdum was how easy it was to place orders for their products. All it was going to take were a few clicks here and there, and my order will be set in motion.


I was also impressed with the quality of bathroom cabinets I saw, but I wasn’t very convinced. Perhaps, they were just computer-generated items, who knows. In leaping faith, I decided to import a few units of their cabinets a few days later. The customer representative on the other side of the channel was very friendly and helpful.  She took me through the steps and asked me to place my order based on the number of units of each item I wanted. I did as instructed, and every other process was perfected with Xi’s help, of course.

I confirmed the order and completed the process. The delivery date was fixed for the container to arrive at Dublin port. Honestly, I have never been so nervous in a very long time, particularly after my rough encounter with dishonest suppliers. To my surprise, the container arrived 2 days early. After receiving my consignment, my staff and I took our time to examine the quality of the hardware, and I must say that we were very impressed. I never knew that bathroom furniture this good was made in China. When I expressed my surprise to Xi a few days later, he burst out laughing. I will be the first to admit that I was ignorant. But had Xi not come to my rescue, I may have continued to pay over the top for substandard bathroom sanitary hardware, or I may even have shut down the business altogether due to the scarce supply of stocks.

The items were carefully packaged to prevent damage, and they arrived in good condition. Not a single piece was broken, and I thank the staff at Gasdum for properly handling my order and ensuring that it was delivered to me in good condition. 


My Current Experience with Gasdum

After my first order was delivered, it opened the floodgates for many more, which has remained the case ever since. The first stock delivered to me was sold out in weeks due to the quality of the items. The bathroom cabinets were durable and were some of the best I have seen; even my customers were impressed. If you must know anything about Dubliners, it is their penchant to hardly part with their money, except the item in question is worth the value. I know a good bathroom cabinet when I see one having sold them for years, but to have customers compliment the quality of your goods is heart-warming. My business has continued to grow.

bathroom cabinets

A new outlet opened

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that I opened a new outlet 6 months after my first order for bathroom cabinets was delivered to my warehouse. This has been a turnaround for my business when you consider the fact that, a few months prior, my business was on the verge of folding up.  However, my business has witnessed a turnaround.  I have opened a new outlet to meet the demands of new and repeat customers. I currently have plans to open another one in Belfast as I plan to spread my network much wider. I have found renewed zeal to grow even further because I have found a supplier whose quality I can trust.

Quality Bathroom Cabinet


Why Gasdum is one of the best Suppliers of Bathroom Cabinets

I can tell from my personal experience that the owners and managers at Gasdum are people who have a reputation for excellence. I have remained a loyal importer of their products for the following reasons.

Honesty and Security: The first thing I noticed about Gasdum is their honesty. With so many online scams these days, you can never be too careful when vetting the sincerity of a supplier you are dealing with whom you have never met before. Gasdum is honest with the way they transact business. When you place an order for their products, they deliver what you pay for in the right quality and quantity with no shortage. They also maintain a very secure payment pipeline that safeguards your funds, so you don’t fall prey to online scammers. Their payment process is seamless and secure. This is one of the main reasons why I have continued to do business with them.

Honesty and Security

Price Transparency:  In all my time dealing with Gasdum, I only pay for what I ordered and nothing more. There are no hidden charges attached to the items you buy from them. I have had unpleasant experiences with a few suppliers in the past who will stop at nothing to milk you of every last Euro you have in your account, but not Gasdum. They let you know the exact amount of each unit of the item you purchase. They also let you know of the shipping costs and any other costs you will incur long before you asked to complete the order by making payment. Price transparency is one of the strongest suits of this Chinese supplier.

Quality Sanitary Hardware: Now, when it comes to the quality of their products, I just said that theirs is second to none. If you are looking for a supplier of bathroom cabinets that will last you for years, Gasdum has got you covered. Their cabinets, washbasin, and led mirrors have exquisite designs, and you are free to choose from their wide array of design options. Furthermore, their wares are durable. I have never had a customer come back to me to complain about a washbasin they bought from losing color or cracking. Gasdum’s products do not suffer from wear and tear like some of the substandard wares I have had the personal misfortune of selling in the past. 

Proper packaging: I also like the way they package their items before loading them into the container. Some suppliers do not care about whether the goods are getting you in good condition. Once they take your money, they load the items into the container haphazardly. When your item is delivered to you at the end of the voyage, what you get is a significant number of broken items.

With Gasdum, I have never had such an issue. All the orders I paid for were delivered to me in good condition with no losses sustained. To be fair, I know that suppliers are not responsible for shipping orders to international customers as that responsibility falls on the shipping company. However, good suppliers understand the importance of packaging, so they leave nothing to chance but ensure that items are properly loaded into the container for onward transportation to the vessel at the port. Gasdum Packing and Loading service are second to none, in my opinion.

Prompt shipping: Nothing irks importers as much as a consignment that is delayed. Some suppliers will tell you that your container is already on the way to the port, even if that is not true. Logistical delays stretch out the delivery time, and this is something I try to avoid when dealing with international suppliers. At Gasdum, their word is their bond. My shipments are always on schedule, and even when the carrier delays, it doesn’t do so by more than 2 days because my container is delivered to the port of origin on time. Although Gasdum is not 100% responsible for the entire supply chain, however, I appreciate that they keep to time and don’t delay my orders.

Responsive Communication Pipeline: Last but not least is the quality of their communication pipeline. Their customer service representatives respond to inquiries swiftly. They are also very friendly and helpful. In my personal experiences with them, I have come to appreciate how they assist you every step of the way. I am not the only person with this opinion because I have met two other wholesalers like myself who say the same. It is truly reassuring and comforting when you have partners who are willing to assist you at the other end of the communication channel.

Opportunity for Growth

My interaction with Gasdum has been a game-changer for me.  Before my time with them, I operated only one outlet. Even then, it was a struggle to stock it up with quality sanitary hardware due to the limited number of suppliers in Europe and North America. But today, Gasdum has provided me with the perfect opportunity to grow and expand my business by providing me with an unlimited supply chain of quality products. Now, I don’t spend extensive hours searching for a supplier of washbasins and led mirrors or any bathroom ware that my customers demand. With just a phone call and a click of a button, my partners at Gasdum have got my back!!

How I place my orders

Gasdum operates a user-friendly website with all the information about their products, pricing, and shipping details. I simply pick the items I need and add them to my bucket list. Their website is straightforward and easy to use. If I encounter any challenges with my order at any stage, I simply contact Gasdum customer service, and they will respond to my needs in a matter of minutes.

The Canton Fair

I have never been to China before, but I plan to fly into China for the Canton Fair. The Canton Fair is one of the largest trade fairs in the world that draws foreigners from all over the world. I hear that all the major and minor suppliers and manufacturers of any product you can think of attend the fair every year. This year’s edition is only a few weeks away, starting by April 2021. I plan to make it an experience of a lifetime because it will be my first trip outside Europe.

Canton fair

Foshan and Tangshan City

I also plan to visit Foshan and Tangshan City. I will be flying in with a colleague to search for new product opportunities. Foshan and Tangshan are two of China’s most visited cities by foreign importers looking for high-quality ceramic sanitary ware. The Chinese call Foshan and Tangshan the City of Ceramics, so we would like to see the business opportunities these cities have to offer. Our trip essentially is to open up new networks and build new relationships with suppliers and sanitary ceramic ware manufacturers. 

Along the way, I also hope to visit Gasdum’s warehouse to see my friends whom I have never met before. I consider them friends now because of how much they have helped me grow my business over the last 24 months. I believe in building healthy relationships, and the relationship I have with Gasdum is something I will like to enrich further.

In Europe, the demand for sanitary ware is huge, especially for bathroom cabinets, and there is an ever-growing demand for them. In Gasdum, I see a supplier with a trustworthy supply chain that I can count on. From being a struggling dealer in sanitary hardware, I have now expanded into a major dealership with an ever-expanding network. I have Gasdum to thank for that. In me, they have found a loyal customer and a long-term partner.

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