Top 10 Sanitary Ware Manufacturers and Brands in Malaysia

If you want to buy sanitary ware products in Malaysia, you will surely need to do some research into the name of the companies of sanitary ware in Malaysia, before you can make the right choice. In this article, we will discuss different sanitary ware manufacturers and brands available in Malaysia.

Sanitary Ware Manufacturers

Being a professional who has been in the sanitary ware industry for some time, I have good information on the different types of manufacturers and brands in the sanitary ware market in Malaysia. There is less possibility that you will notice the difference in quality at a glance when looking at different sanitary ware from different brands, but that does not mean that they are all the same when it comes to quality. There is a test for sanitary ware, to pass the test, the toilet needs to flush materials a minimum of 90%, while some brands flush 100%.

Two things you should look out for as a buyer

  1. Customer support; the brand or manufacturer must be able to provide customer support during and after installation.
  2. Different designs and colors that suit your needs.

The real estate business is on the rise in Malaysia, and the need and demand for sanitary ware are high for these new rising real estate facilities and buildings. There is a sanitary ware manufacturer in Malaysia, while there are other brands that import the product from china and then rebrand and sell to the Malaysian market.  Buyers tend to get more support from those manufacturing in Malaysia than those importing from china; however, the product imported from china is relatively low in price to that of the ones manufactured in Malaysia.


Top ten sanitary brands from Malaysia

Johnson Suissue

This company is the best sanitary ware brand in Malaysia. They have been around for more than 25years and can be seen in top places around the country like airports, hotels, and top restaurants. They are known for their quality, and customer service. They offer support during and after installations, which shows they care about their buyers. The factory is in Selangor, they also have more than 150 models and varieties; with exportation of bathroom wares to countries like Singapore, Australia, etc. their headquarters is at Petaling Jaya.

Johnson Suisse Bathroom solutions



Gasdum is a top-quality sanitary ware brand company, known for quality and great design that is suitable for all classes and that at the same time is also affordable. They are known for innovating designs and concept that suits all sectors. Most of their products are sourced from china but without compromise for its quality. Johnson Suissue is known to get some of its products from Gasdum.

Gasdum Bathroom solutions


Roca Malaysia

Roca is a Spanish multinational company, providing bathroom solutions. They have their factory in Selangor and they are also known for their top quality products. They are one of the best bathroom solution companies in Malaysia.

Bathroom solutions with Roca Malaysia



Inno was the winner of Malaysia 100 excellence in 2015 and customers preferred choice including design in 2010 & 2011, which speaks to their level of competency and top quality. They launched in Malaysia in 1997 with the name “Sericite”, they produce different bathroom wares from water closets to squatting pan and other ceramic accessories.

INNO Sericite



Kholer is a high-end, luxury manufacturer of sanitary wares, their products are manufactured from Thailand, and they have high standards and quality products. If you are looking to invest a huge amount into your bathroom wares, Kohler is the suitable option.

Kohler Bathroom Solutions


Asher is another known brand in Malaysia, they have relatively low-priced products in the market. They have different products from water closets to all other bathroom accessories. Asher has its factory located in Selangor.

Asher Bathroom Solutions


Toto is a Japan-based manufacturer of bathroom solutions. They are well known for innovative ways of creating bathroom accessories; with great designs and technology. The tornado flush toilet is one of the commonly known products of Toto, it’s known for its rimless design and easy clean model.

ToTo bathroom solutions



Clayton Group is the oldest sanitary ware manufacturer and brand in Malaysia. With a history in this industry since 1920, they started sanitary ware production in 1952. They produce all types of sanitary ware products and exports them to different countries including UK and UAE.

T.J Pottery

The brand was established in 1988 and has two brand names, Dolphin and Pantheon. The company supplies and sells all types of sanitary wares and bathroom accessories.

Quality Bathrooms with T.J Pottery



This company is a subsidiary of Roca sanitary. They are known for their relatively cost-effective products; they have their factory in Malaysia, located at Selangor, and their head office at Petaling Jaya.

This article has been able to state out the list of top sanitary ware manufacturers and brands in Malaysia, but this article is not in any way ranking these companies, the article only gives the necessary information about each of these companies. If you noticed that a company is missing from the list or information is not included, kindly notify in the comment section below. Kindly note that the logo is also the property of these companies.

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