The four types of Integrated WashBasins – You can find on the Gasdum

Integrated washbasins, also known as sinks, washbasins, or basins, are integral items in bathrooms and diners. When you go to the market to purchase a simple basin, it might decide which one suits your purpose or need. With lots of unique and classy basins designs in different sizes and serve different purposes, it is essential that your application of these integrated washbasins.

Integrated washbasins

Generally, basins or sinks are household items and are also used for industrial purposes. Suppose you want to purchase wash basin for domestic or industrial use. In that case, this article will show you the common types of wash basins you can find on Gasdum and their purpose before purchasing.

Wash Basin on Gasdum

Wash Basin you found on Gasdum based on the type of Material

  1. Acrylic Basin
  2. Ceramic
  3. Stainless steel Basin
  4. Marble Basin

Most washbasins are produced from ceramic material due to their tensile strength, so you find ceramic wash basins in most households. But now, the most popular washbasins produced from the industry are stainless steel, acrylic plastic, and marble washbasin. While acrylic material is majorly produced due to its beautiful appearance, ceramic strength remains a popular choice due to its strength.

Apart from the luxury appearance that makes acrylic washbasin different, the only tabletop basin can be achieved using acrylic material because of its strength limitation. Stainless steel is the cheapest of all washbasins and lighter in weight. At the same time, marble is stronger than ceramic and more versatile, and has attractive shapes and designs.

Types of Integrated Wash Basin by Gasdum Depending on Design

This article will show you the types of integrated washbasin purchases anytime from Gasdum, either for your home or office, and you can easily find them around you. The design is used to classify the type of basin, and we will talk about ceramic washbasin only.


  1. Pedestal Basin

The pedestal is never before seen washbasin because they are a unique and new product in the market. The basin and pedestal are produced together and with attractive shapes. It poses little to no challenge when fixing the pedestal because it is attached to the basin during production.

Pedestal Basin

However, it is the most expensive model washbasin of other designs. There are two pedestal basin designs: wall mount and floor mount design of integrated pedestal basin.

integrated pedestal basin

The wall mount basin has a half pedestal type, and it’s fixed into the wall with a screw using a rack bolt hole. While the floor mount basin has a full pedestal type supported by the floor, and the basin is fitted into the wall.


  1. Glossy white basin

The glossy white washbasin is common in restaurants or hotels, and home. This type of design is fixed on the cabinet, shelves, and flat surfaces. It does not require a rack bolt hole, comes in different patterns and sizes to manage space.

Glossy white basin


  1. Bathroom sink

The bathroom sink is another washbasin majorly used in homes and laboratories. It is created in different shapes such as canoe, rectangle, among others. It comes in varying depth and has no track bolt hole and tap hole in its design.

Bathroom sink

Bathroom sinks are of two types; a Laboratory bathroom sink, which is usually small in size, and a kitchen bathroom sink, which is big.

Bathroom sinks


  1. Color art basin

Color art basin is common in five stars hotels. It is a beautiful and uniquely carved basin with different shapes like a bowl and rectangle. Color art basin rim serves as an anchor on the slab with a hole. There are two types of color art basin; under-counter color art basin and over counter color art basin.

Color art basin

The difference between these color art basins is the rim visibility. If you can see the rim, it is under the counter basin; if you can’t, it’s over counter color art.

The purpose of this article is to make you understand the types of washbasins based on their designs, so it can help you make excellent choices when purchasing washbasins. If you still don’t know how to choose one after reading this article, you can ask for help in the comment section.

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