Full steps to take to Import Sanitary Wares from China

sanitary hardware If you are a sanitary ware wholesaler, and you have been searching for a product supply chain of high-quality sanitary wares? If you are, then you are reading the right article. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive step-by-step process on how to import sanitary hardware from China. You do not need to find a sourcing agent or third-party supplier to import high-quality sanitary ware from China. With the information you are going to access in this article, you will be able to import directly from Gasdum, which is one of the best sanitary ware manufacturers in China.

Why importing Sanitary hardware from China has become popular

Trading in sanitary ware is a very good business to be involved in because the demand for sanitary hardware remains constant. As more homes are built, the need for bathroom hardware continues to rise. Even old homes require new wares when they are remodeled. Secondly, the profit margin involved is relatively high, so wholesalers tend to make a healthy profit when they trade in sanitary wares. But where do you find very good sanitary ware supplies to buy?

The answer to that question is relatively straightforward. China. If you are a sanitary ware wholesaler and you are in constant need of quality supplies, consider importing your supplies from China. Why so?

bathroom hardware

In the past, most of the supply of bathroom hardware came largely from Europe and North America, but the dynamic has changed over the last 2 decades. Now, China’s production capacity has greatly improved in terms of technology and quality. Moreover, the price of Chinese goods is relatively low compared to those other first-world countries. This is why Chinese goods are cheaper but equally as good, if not better than items produced in other developed countries. The same quality is evident in the quality of Sanitary wares produced in China. This is why many millions of wholesalers all over the world rely on Chinese manufacturers for a constant supply of quality washrooms, washbasins, toilets, showers, bathtubs, and general bathroom hardware.

Furthermore, the profit you stand to make when you import from China is much higher than what you will make when you import from any other country in the globe.

Be a Sanitary Ware wholesaler so you will earn a good profit

Before you decide to go into any business, you need to know if the item is highly demanded and the profit you stand to make from the item’s sale. The same is the case if you decide to trade in sanitary ware. Currently, sanitary wares are highly demanded and are currently fetching wholesalers good profit. Sanitary wares with the following features are loved by homeowners, remodelers, and hoteliers. We highlight some of them below.

Convenience and Safety (Comfortable and safe sanitary ware)

When you are shopping for sanitary ware, you want to make sure that the units you go for are convenient and safe.  No one wants to buy hardware that they will not feel comfortable using. They also don’t want a complicated unit with complex sanitary fittings in bathroom. This is especially true for older people, kids, and people living with disabilities. You also want to make sure that the units are designed with user safety in mind. Comfort and safety are two key features you should never overlook.

sanitary fittings in bathroom

Classic Appearance

While people generally prefer modern bathroom appliances with contemporary looks, most prefer their bathroom hardware to have a classic look. White is also a very popular color because it depicts cleanliness.  So, before you commence your search, make sure you evaluate the desires of your bottom line before anything else.

modern bathroom appliances

Environmentally Friendly hardware

With the strain on the global water supply under constant pressure, manufacturers are adopting new technology and approaches to make eco-friendly and sustainable tools. The same is the case for sanitary hardware. You want to make sure that wares you import use as little water as possible.

Environmentally Friendly hardware

Cater to the needs of your high-end bottom line

A special population of retailers sell their wares to members of the middle and upper class who desire luxury bathroom hardware. As a wholesaler of sanitary hardware, you need to import supplies that will satisfy the luxury needs of this market class. Importing stylish and luxurious wares will help you expand your market reach and further maximize profit.


Gasdum is one of the highly-rated manufacturers of Sanitary Ware in China, and the products they produce can be broadly classified into two broad categories. Namely ceramic and non-ceramic sanitary ware.  Many Chinese manufacturers produce the following items in ceramic and non-ceramic forms

  • Toilet
  • Bidet
  • Washbasin
  • Urinal
  • Sink
  • Pedestal

Sanitary Ware products

Chinese manufacturers’ product offerings are too numerous to mention but suffice to say that these items listed above are some of the popular wares exported to other countries.

Searching for Sanitary Ware Manufacturers in China by region

China is a vast country with industrial clusters where certain items are produced in large quantities. Searching for manufacturers based on their location is one of the most effective ways to land a very good manufacturer of high-quality sanitary wares.  One other advantage of searching for manufacturers by region is the advantage of competitive pricing. Here are some of the popular regions in China where high-quality sanitary wares are made.

Guangdong Province

Guangdong Province is China’s largest manufacturing base for sanitary ware. Some even argue that more Sanitary wares are produced in Guangdong than in any other region in the world.  In Guangdong, the manufacturers specialize in high-quality bathroom hardware. When you narrow the location down to a specific city, Foshan city is the sanitary capital of Guangdong because this is where many manufacturers have their factories.

Foshan is the trade center of Guangdong Province, and from here, sanitary wares are exported to countries around the world. The ceramic wares coming from this area alone are of the highest quality. Besides the factories, there are so many trade centers manned by sales representatives who communicate in fluent English. Some of the common sanitary hardware sold in Foshan include

  • Shower rooms
  • Washbasins
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Bathtubs
  • Toilets

ceramic wares

Chaozhou City

Chaozhou City is located in Eastern Guangdong Province, and this area is also a thriving epicenter of high-quality ceramic and non-ceramic sanitary ware.  Chaozhou is actually the largest base in the region for ceramic-based sanitary ware. As of last year, Chaozhou accounted for 55% of China’s export volume and 40% of domestic sanitary ware production. If you buy sanitary ware in large quantities and want to buy at competitive prices, you might want to visit Chaozhou when you come to China. Many manufacturers here produce

  • Bidet
  • Pedestal
  • Washbasin
  • Wash cabinets

domestic sanitary ware

Kaiping City

Kaiping City is located in Guangdong Province, and over the years, it has been nicknamed The Sanitary City of China. This city earns revenue from the production of plumbing and general sanitary wares.  Shuikou is the biggest base in Kaiping City, where a lot of the production is done. In terms of quality, the wares produced in Kaiping are highly luxurious and ideal for high-end customers. Common wares produced in Kaiping City include

  • Faucets
  • Plumbing materials

Plumbing materials

Nan’an City

This city is located in Fujian Province and is another base for the production of ceramic ware. Nan’an City has a very rich history, and it is famous for its production of Celadon. Celadon sanitary wares are exotic green glazed bowls with brilliant shapes and designs. Here you will find beautifully designed

  • Angle valves
  • Faucets
  • Showers
  • Washbasins


Zhongshan City

Zhongshan City is an industrial power base that reflects China’s growing industrial capacity. It took more than 20 years to develop this location, and as of today, more than 3 million sets of bathroom hardware are produced daily in Zhongshan. The annual export volume to the US alone from Zhongshan City is 300 million units. The advanced transport system in the city simplifies the movement of man and machinery. The factories in Zhongshan produce just any sanitary item you can think of.

Wenzhou City

Another top region when it comes to sanitary ware exportation is Wenzhou City. Wenzhou City is located in Zhejiang Province and is home to many small factories that produce sanitary wares. If you are looking for price over quality, Wenzhou is the location to visit.

Other ways to interact with Manufacturers

Canton Trade Fair

Besides visiting manufacturers at their base of operations, you can also attend trade fairs to examine the quality of their wares.  One of the most important trade fairs in China is the Canton Fair. This fair is held twice a year in Guangzhou during spring and in the autumn. Here wholesalers and manufacturers interact as they establish communication, establish trust, and expand their network. Every year importers from all over the world converge on Guangzhou to establish new supply chains. The Canton Fair is hosted on the 19th of April and the 15th of October every year.

China import and export fair

Guangzhou International Sanitary Fair

If you want something a bit more specific, you can attend the Guangzhou Fair specially created for sanitary ware manufacturers. The items exhibited at this fair are solely sanitary wares, so you can easily take your pick from among the multitude of manufacturers present at the fair.

Key Steps to take to import Sanitary Wares from China

Importing Sanitary wares from China is relatively straightforward. As an importing wholesaler, here are some of the key steps you need to take.

Know your import Rights

The first thing you need to do is to know your import rights. Before you contact the manufacturer, you need to know the laid down procedures and steps to take, especially as it relates to the Customs Authority in your country. No two country has the same procedure. Importers from Europe will have to follow a different process compared to importers from Africa or the US.

Identify the Goods you wish to import

Since you are planning to import sanitary wares in this case, you will need to identify the particular wares you have in mind. Do you want to import faucets, toilets, showers, washbasins, bathtubs, or wash cabinets? Or maybe you want to import a combination of all of these items. You need to identify what your customers are asking for or the items that are in high demand.

sanitary ware goods

Are these items allowed in your country?

This is where detailed research on your path is crucial. You need to find out if the wares are allowed in your country. For example, some bathroom faucets are allowed in some countries but are rejected by others. Knowing what is allowed into your country will help you avoid ordering items that will be seized at the port of entry. This is why it is important to do your due diligence first.

Do a cost estimate of the shipping and clearing cost

While it is straightforward to get the cost of the sanitary wares you want to import directly from the manufacturer, that is not the only cost to plan for. You will also need to consider the general shipping and clearing costs your cargo will attract.  To find out how much the custom authorities will charge you, consult the 10-digit custom classification number for sanitary wares in your country. This number contains information about the customs duty you will need to pay. By combining this data alongside the certificate of origin of your cargo, you will be able to figure out an accurate estimated amount for the general landing cost.

Find a manufacturer

The next step is to find a Chinese manufacturer of sanitary wares that you can order from. Rather than spend more money using the services of a sourcing agent or a middle man, you can save cost and hasten the process by initiating contact with the manufacturer to expedite the process. If you want to order only the best quality, Gasdum is your best bet. In subsequent paragraphs, we will review Gasdum in detail and highlight reasons why sanitary ware wholesalers all over the world have come to trust this brand.

Problems you may encounter when you import Sanitary Wares from China

Every business or trade known to man has inherent risks, and the same is the case with sanitary importation from China. You may probably have heard of horror stories involving wholesalers who encounter issues while trying to import wares from China. Here are some of the common problems they encounter.

Poor Quality: Many wholesalers have had the misfortune of importing sanitary wares of inferior quality. The quality of wares they see online is not what is delivered to them. This leads to losses since they sell the wares for low prices because of their inferior quality.

Wrong Product details: Some importers end up getting the wrong item different from what they wanted. This may be down to a mistake on the part of the importer or the manufacturer or supplier issuing the wrong product information either intentionally or by accident.

Delayed deliveries: Delayed deliveries are a common occurrence if you deal with a dishonest or unreliable supplier. This is why we advise importers not to order their wares through sourcing agents. Using third-party channels may lead to erroneous information, delayed deliveries, and increased shipping costs. Ordering directly from the manufacturer is the way to go.

Missing Suppliers: This is by far the worst experience you can have while importing from China. There are fraudulent individuals parading themselves as sourcing agents and claiming to speak for manufacturers, whereas this is not true. These criminal elements defraud unsuspecting victims of their hard-earned money by posing as suppliers who have the items for sale, but they do not.

How to overcome these problems?

There is a simple and straightforward way to avoid the problems mentioned above. The best way to avoid issues when importing sanitary wares from China is to order your wares directly from the manufacturer in China. You do not need to go through a sourcing agent or third-party firm. Importing from the manufacturer directly will help you avoid fraud risks or wrong items. This is because the manufacturer has a reputation to protect. Furthermore, to earn your loyalty, they will want to satisfy you by giving you the best and nothing less.

If you are looking for a Chinese Sanitary ware manufacturer that you can trust, look no further than Gasdum

About Gasdum

Gasdum LTD is a sanitary ware manufacturer with expertise in the manufacturing of high-quality pottery sanitary ware. The quality of their products is second to none. By leveraging advanced technology, they have carved a niche for themselves in the global sanitary ware sector. Gasdum’s production excellence has taken its wares to countries all over the globe. From Asia to Europe and from Africa to the American continents. When you buy from this manufacturer, be rest assured that you will receive the best sanitary wares of the highest quality.

Why choose Gasdum?

There are several reasons why Gasdum is a highly rated brand as far as sanitary ware production is concerned.


First and foremost, Gasdum products are of the highest quality. Every single item you order is delivered in the correct specification. The quality of their washbasins and cabinets is second to none. The quality of their wares will be appreciated by retailers who buy them from you.


No one likes to buy inferior sanitary wares because they do not last long. Gasdum sanitary wares are very durable and weather resistant. They do not crack or warp neither do they change color after a while. Their long-lasting value ensures that they serve the user for several years before the need arises to seek a replacement. Their cabinets’ exterior and surface area are thick and waterproof, and the glaze will not wear out quickly.

Water efficiency and maintenance

Gasdum bathroom wares are very easy to clean, and they are also water efficient. Users have come to trust the water efficiency of their sanitary wares.

Speedy Deliveries

When you order directly from Gasdum’s factory, there are no waiting times, neither are there unnecessary delays associated with orders processed through sourcing agents. You get your cargo delivered to you in a timely manner.

Protect your investment

Choosing Gasdum will help your investments and your reputation. You will only sell the best sanitary wares to your customers, and your reputation will be protected in the process. When retailers who sell sanitary wares know that you are one importer of quality wares, they will keep coming back for more.

Cost reduction

Ordering directly from Gasdum will help you avoid extra costs that you would have paid to agents. Cut down on unnecessary agent fees by ordering your sanitary wares directly from Gasdum’s factory.

Excellent Customer Service

Gasdum operates a quick and responsive customer service. Their sales representatives are friendly and will do all they can to ensure that your experience is stress-free. If you have any questions, they will give you a speedy response in no time. They also have all the answers to questions regarding product features, price, and delivery times.

Maximize profit

More importantly, Gasdum wares are relatively cheap when you compare their prices with the prices of other competing brands. You buy from them at a competitive price and sell in your home profit for a higher price. This way, you increase your profit margins significantly.

For all inquiries, please contact Gasdum Sanitary Ware LTD.

Address: Guwu industry zone, Guxiang Town, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, China

Tel: +008618666077080

WECHAT/WHATSAPP: +008615876833302


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