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Eloi Roure

I sell bathroom hardware and I have an extensive customer base. For years I have been sourcing my products from Europe but when I heard that products from China were far cheaper, I decided to try suppliers from China in a bid to increase my profit margins as any businessman would. My first set of orders from China were not bad, but as time went on, the quality of products sent to me began to fall short. I had a particularly bad experience with one Chinese Supplier that almost ruined my business. Many of my customers lost trust in me due to the poor product quality. This loss in trust took me years to regain.  Finally, I decided to try Gasdum and I must say that it is the best business decision I have ever made. Their products are of the highest quality. Not only that, they package my orders well and safely and they are delivered containers to me promptly without delays even though I live in a different country. Gasdum has definitely found a new and loyal customer in me.

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